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and spreading flames in the other parts of the western u.s. 42 wildfires are raging in 11 states from alaska down to arizona, the heat and drought speeding the pace of this year's fire season, already one of the deadliest on record. 31 killed so far. and the burning expected to last for several more weeks. abc news, denver. >>> ginger zee is tracking the conditions as fire fighters battle those places. hey, ginger. >> hey, dan, not good. it's not going to improve all that much. i want to show, idaho and utah, we're focused on those, hot and dry through today. red flag warnings, and fire warnings for california and other states because of thunderstorms. thunderstorms sound good, but it's bittersweet. you get gusty winds, more lightning, more fires. we have to go to the other side of the country. we were talking about the flooding. panama city looked like this yesterday. 5 to 8 inches of rain, and parts of georgia, more than a foot. i want to check in on panama city this morning. an earth cam, nice shot of the beach, but you're going to see more scattered showers. not as bad as yesterday. that
meeting with the national security team over the fresh reports that the syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people. let's bring in john karl, joining us this morning from washington. what are the options that the administration are considering here? >> well, it all comes down to air strikes against the syrian government. possible air strikes against airfields, against military headquarters. but there is a divide in the administration about how forcefully to respond. one thing not on the table is sending in ground forces. this would be some form of air attack to send a message to syria this is unacceptable and to degrade their ability to do it again. >> we remember this president was very, very critical of the last president, george w. bush for taking action in iraq without u.n. approval. is there any talk that president obama would act unilaterally without u.n. approval? >> that's a big question and hotly debated in the white house is what to do in terms of the united nations. russia has a veto at the u.n. russia has blocked any measures to punish syria up to this time. t
raddatz with new details on the urgent search now for vehicle bombs al qaeda reportedly wants to use in its next attack. >> shark, shark! >>> surviving "jaws." one woman's narrow escape facing off with a 14-foot great white shark battling with the beast to break free. now, she reveals her moment of terror, all caught on tape. >> will you marry me? >> yes. ♪ hey baby >> that will do. a blockbuster finale for "the bachelorette." did desiree really find love after having her heart broken? big questions this morning about that shocking ending. she said yes a thousand times, but was it to second best? the new couple here live. ♪ i think i want to marry you >>> good morning, everyone. did you see jimmy kimmel last night? that little bit he did on "the bachelorette"? >> funny. >> it was a moment. >> funny. that's fair to say. >> we'll share that ahead. >>> a dramatic moment though last night in chicago when alex rodriguez stepped up to the plate after being suspended for 211 games. >> as bizarre a season debut as we will see, capping one of the most bizarre days in the sport's history.
busted for takinged a roll. why he was taking it, and at one point he was allowed to use it. of course it's banned. >> it's sad. we'll talk to you. >>> about a global battle about michael jackson's famous white gloves. the u.s. government trying to keep it from the son of an african dictator and we'll tell you why. that's coming up. >>> first out west, crews are battling major wildfires out of control in utah and idaho. two near posh communities that are holiday get away spots for some of hollywood's biggest stars. we have the story. >> reporter: more than 10,000 homeowners worried this morning in sun valley, da, that this wind swept fire could head their way. roads out are packed as people in more than 3,000 homes have been forced to evacuate. >> it's coming down the mountainside. wait and see what happens. can't control it. >> reporter: the fire in this ski resort where celebrities like tom hanks own homes is now the nation's top fire fighting priority. the resort is using snow-making machines to douse the mountain. insurance companies are sending private fire trucks to protect the prop
morning america" doing it for us, live, in times square. >>> and good morning, america. boy, is it heating up in egypt right now. state of emergency in that country as the death toll continues to climb from the clashes between protesters and the military. the u.s. has condemned the crackdown, but there's a real fear now that the violence is going to spread. we'll have a report live from the scene this morning. >>> and also this morning, we have new details breaking on the abduction of hannah anderson. we have the just-released search warrant. they reveal what was happening before she was kidnapped. very disturbing. >> very disturbing stuff. >>> but right now, let's get to the big rains and those tropical storms developing right now. ginger zee, in for sam. >> good morning, guys. we have our eyes are on the tropics because we have tropical depression five that could become tropical storm erin. that low coming from most of them taking it over mexico. if it goes up into the gulf could hit somewhere in the gulf states. okay, it could, it would. i doesn't matter, because pieces of energy and mo
a day, you could be cutting your life short. >> jen ashton will be parsing that for us. >>> we're turning to the crisis in egypt. live pictures. protesters in is this streets of cairo. there they are. opposition claiming to be one of rage. a day of rage. already a bloodied and chaotic. killing at least 17. abc's muhammad lila joins us on the phone right now from the street of cairo. >> reporter: this is definitely a day of rage. we were hundred of feet from where gunfire broke out. a building was set on fire. we decided to leave when the fighting began. very dangerous situation. didn't appear to have any affiliation. the city is quickly descending into lawlessness. >> muhammad, be safe. armored personnel carriers in have squared off the area. troops with machine guns standing at the ready at key junctions in is the city. we'll continue to update you. for now, we turn to the rest of the news and lara. >>> wild fires erupting across the west and across the country. a storm front about to drench the southeast with heavy rain. abc's ginger zee working hard. you haven't stopped. >>
. the u.s. and britain have made the charge. now, the u.n. is weighing in, as well. >> and the fallout could be affecting us here at home in the u.s. major american websites were knocked out overnight by vicious cyberattacks. big concerns that financial institutions could be targeted. "the new york times" hit yesterday. a syrian hacking group taking credit. and this, as all the stock markets here and around the world, are sliding fast for the second day in a row, with prewar jitters. pre-attack jitters. >> coverage in the middle east, here in the united states, as well. starting with martha raddatz in the region, tracking all of the latest from jerusalem right now. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. the u.s. has a slew of evidence about this chemical attack, including intercepted conversations between syrian commanders. the u.s. and its allies have had massive surveillance operations, aimed at syria, since the conflict began. focusing especially on its chemical weapons stockpiles, which contains hundreds of tons of mustard and sarin gas. satellite have been monito
will clearly be used as evidence against a young man accused of holding this school hostage. >> he said to tell them to back off. he don't want the kids. he wants the police. so, back off. he said he don't care if he die. he don't have nothing to live for. >> reporter: georgia police releasing the call for help from the bookkeeper in the school's front office. >> ooh, he just went outside and started shooting. >> reporter: police say the young man in the background, shooting and giving orders is 20-year-old michael brandon hill. the woman following them is bookkeeper antoinette tuff. >> he wants me to go on the intercom and let everybody know he's sorry. okay? >> everybody, this is still a continuous lockdown. >> reporter: she acted brilliantly. >> i can help you. let me talk to them and let's see if we can work it out so you don't have to go away with them for a long time. it's going to be all right, sweetheart. i just want you to know that i love you. and i'm proud of you. that's a good thing that you're just giving up. >> reporter: as tuff told george exclusively on "gma," she promised the s
able to leave the airport here in months cue. he can stay here for up to a year. the u.s. of course had urged russia to turn snowden over. he's accused of leaking of the u.s.'s most sensitive detail. president obama was scheduled to arrive here in moscow just over a month for a summit with putin. if snowden was allowed to stay president obama may not come. >>> meanwhile the news about snowden's asylum comes one day after another secret surveillance program was revealed in the documents that snowden released. the software allows the government to access virtually any internet browsing activity in real time. with privacy concerns growing, president obama will now try to reassure critics on both sides of the aisle at a meeting today. >>> in other news, lightning strike an army base in colorado where soldiers were outside training. 12 of those soldiers at fort carson were injured just as they were running for shelter. many remain hospitalize overnight. >>> a scare inside a michigan movie theater, police arrested a man they say was carrying a loaded gun, body armor, more than 30 rounds of am
, and crossed the road right behind us. whoa. a chunk of tree, more than enough to seriously hurt someone, falls near our car. soon after that, another flare-up. and we're forced to back out. 16,000 acres are burning along mostly rural land near yosemite, forcing a nervous few to grab what they can and get out. >> it was frightening. because it's so unpredictable. it looked like lava coming over the tops of the hills. >> reporter: more than 50 large fires are burning right now in 10 states. but the most active is here, where firefighters warn conditions change with the wind. and fast. >> the wind is blowing this way. it's going to pick up continually here, shortly. that's why we can't stay here more than a few minutes. so, it's going to be important we get out of here. >> reporter: right now, this one is 5% contained. and firefighters say they're confident they can keep it away from more homes, if the weather cooperates today. lara? >> neal, thank you so much. >>> and now, we turn to that school shooting in georgia. students returning to class this morning, as we hear for the first time the rema
and several highways were closed. and this is exactly the type of lockdown and crackdown u.s. officials were hoping to avoid. security forces moved in early this morning, with bulldozers and heavily-armed officers, firing teargas. with the streets on fire, young children cry for their parents. as a steady stream of casualties, many with bullet wounds, flood into makeshift hospitals. for weeks, police have been threatening to evict the protesters. thousands camping out since the country's first democratically elected president was overthrown last month. u.s. officials have been trying desperately to pull the country back from the brink, afraid even more anti-american sentiment could lead militants to launch more attacks on neighboring israel. all of this, from a country that now is at war with itself. now, the bigger concern happening right now is that the violence is spreading. churches have been attacked and burned down. we know of skirmishes in at least nine other cities across the country. so, there's a very real concern that the worst could be yet to come. george? >> okay, muhammad. than
. >>> breaking overnight. explosive allegations about nfl star aaron hernandez. was he using angel dust and carrying a gun at all times? now, big questions about how much patriots coach bill belichick really knew about his player's behavior. >>> shocking on the racetrack when a driver loses control. trapped him and engulfed in flames. how he walked away, racing in the same car just 30 minutes later. >>> and good morning, america. the crisis in syria continues to grow. so many developments right now, as that deadline looms for the u.n. inspectors to leave syria. there they are. they're heading from their hotel this morning, to a site near damascus, where one of the chemical attacks took place. >> they are expected to finish their work tomorrow in syria and leave the country on saturday. the u.n. secretary-general is saying the team needs time to finish its investigation. and this, of course, as the white house says it will brief members of congress later today on plans for a possible strike. we have full coverage from the middle east, to washington, starting with abc's jim avila at the w
the window for a strike. >>> u.s. warships armed with hundreds of tomahawk cruise missiles, now in place. >> we are looking at the possibility of a limited, narrow act. >> all this, while we're hearing about a new threat to america on the home front. >>> shot at school. a high school thrown into chaos, after a student is shot during a fire drill. >> a student has been hit. >> it's the second terrifying shooting in a school in two weeks. and you'll hear another hero's story that may have kept hundreds of students safe. >>> busted. lamar odom, star of the nba and reality tv, arrested for drunk driving. amid rumors of drug and marital problems, is this a cry for help from khloe kardashian's husband? >>> and honest answer. an ex-con allegedly takes a taxi to try to rob three banks in a row before he's nabbed. and this morning, he has a very funny exit line. >> are you sorry you did it? >> no. i'm sorry i got caught. >> got to love an honest criminal. >>> good morning. and happy labor day weekend. also coming up this morning as we kick off this holiday weekend, a warning on the beaches. a spi
at the breaking point, protesters refusing to back down. the muslim brotherhood now digging in. >> the u.s. embassy will be closed tomorrow as the violence escalates. also ahead, the hottest hit of the summer, blurred lines, but did she rip off marvin gaye? a court battle is brewing, we'll let you decide. >> we'll talk about the legal implications. >>> and instant replay in baseball. it's historic, the commissioner says, but fans to want knock it out of the park. >>> the erupting violence in egypt after a day of rage in protest of the ousted leader. there are no signs to the end of violence as tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets. many say they are willing to die for their cause. we have been in the middle of it all, good morning, mohammed. >> good morning, bianna. you just mentioned that the u.s. embassy here in cairo tweeted they will be closed, normally they are open. it's as the muslim brotherhood will be protesting daily for the following week. overnight, police and protesters continued their standoff outside this mosque. this was shown on a pro-government tv channel. i
>>> good morning, america. final countdown. a huge blow for the u.s., as britain bows out of an attack on syria. the white house now ready to go it alone. new details right now about the strike that could happen this weekend. >>> the nfl agrees to pay almost $800 million to thousands of players suffering from concussions on the field. but are they doing anything to prevent more injuries? we hear from one of football's most famous players. >>> i just remember asking what happened? >>> hospital horror. the unbelievable story of a brother who donated his kidney to save his sister's life. and a nurse mistakenly tossed it in the trash. we'll hear their emotional story this morning in an abc news exclusive. >>> and imagine your cherished wedding memories disappearing forever. that's what happened to hundreds when their wedding video company shut down with no one to call. this morning, one very tenacious recorder tracks down the hidden files. and with cameras rolling, we have very special reunions. >>> and good morning, america. big holiday weekend ahead. that last gasp of summer
police tell us that hannah was not physically injured, but she was taken to a hospital to get checked out. her father is heading from san diego to idaho, they are set to be reunited later this morning. dan, bianna. >> that will be a terrific reunion. clayton sandell covering the story every step of the way. thank you, clayton. >>> a lot of news overnight, we turn to mr. ron claiborne for a look at the headlines. >> as always. >>> in the news, benjamin netanyahu is recovering in the hospital this morning following surgery following a hernia surgery. the defense minister was in charge during the one hour he was unconscious. he is expected to be released later today. >>> more than a dozen u.s. embassies closed over terror concerns are set to reopen today in northern africa and the middle east. they were closed amid concerns of a possible al-qaeda attack. the u.s. embassy in yemen will remain closed. >>> and deadly violence in iraq, 69 people killed in car bombings in baghdad. targeting cafes and markets in the city. so far no one or no group has claimed responsibility. it comes as iraqis cel
"gma" has been her dream. now, she's heading into the anchor chair with us. >> hey, everybody, are you ready for a good morning, america? >>> good morning, america. all of our viewers in the west. robin and sam off today. great to have ginger here. lara to my right. different angle. we have a lot to get to this morning. including the latest the alarming sinkhole outside of orlando. >> we have live shots right now, from our sister station, wftv, over the huge sinkhole. josh is here with the latest josh? >>> we're going to take a look again at video, it shows that sinkhole swallowing a resort villa, not far from disney world. people woke up in the middle of the night to a great cracking sound and word spread that the building was starting to collapse. everybody was told to get out and fast. another section of that complex is also sinking. all of this happening just a few miles outside of orlando, in the town of clermont. they had no warning. first the lights went out and then chaos. >> we heard some shaking, glass breaking. we thought maybe it was kids running up and down the hall. way.
of nuclear weapons used. >>> an out of control wildfire on the outskirts of yosemite national park. if you listen there, you can hear these ferocious flames from the fire that's burned 15-square miles. the flames have forced the closure of a main road into yosemite that's now threatening 2,000 structures. another fire has kept los angeles firefighters busy this morning. there were fears of hazardous materials inside that building. so far, none have been build. >>> and new details this morning show the nsa surveillance reach is far deeper than we originally thought. "the wall street journal" reporting that the nsa can reach nearly 75% of all internet traffic, including phone calls. and while it's supposed to target foreigners, it sometimes retains e-mails sent among u.s. citizens. >>> new this morning, a flight attendant traine, has arrested for flying in bomb threats. he's set to plea guilty next week. he's not linked to any terrorist network. >>> three oklahoma city teenagers are in custody formally charged with the murder of a popular college baseball player. two of them ages 16-year-old
>>> good morning, america. this morning, an extraordinary global warning. the u.s. government warning americans traveling overseas about a possible al qaeda attack. u.s. embassies are shutting down. how can you stay safe? >>> also, a defiant a-rod speaking out. saying there's a lot more fight left in him. >> get back on the field. help me team win a championship. >> this as he faces a suspension or possibly lifetime ban from baseball. his revealings words after last night's game. >>> caught on camera. she came home from iraq a hero. and then became an all-american nfl cheerleader. now, she's wrapped up in a very ugly domestic violence case. and wait until you hear who police say the victim is. >>> and designer dessert. is it a fruit or candy? we'll tell you what candy flavor these grapes are mimicking. the crazy creation of a fruit breeder. and he tells us how he did it. >>> good morning, everybody. lots to talk about this morning, including a bizarre twist in the case of this brazen jailbreak you're looking at right now. the inmate getting away while surveillance cameras roll
that could use it. meanwhile, our linsey davis tracking the latest overnight from another winning location in the state of new jersey. that's where we find her. south brunswick, the place. linsey davis, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this is the stop 'n shop. things actually just opening up here. we were able to talk to one of the employees not too long ago inside. and he was telling us this isn't normally the place that has lottery frenzy. if you wanted to line up for a powerball ticket, in fact there was no line at all. and while he has no idea who purchased that winning ticket, he's convinced someone just won $5, he's saying. but this guy is convinced, it's one of the regulars. >> we have 58. >> reporter: these six numbers -- >> the number 30. tonight's winning powerball number, 32. >> reporter: this morning have made at least three people exceptionally rich. overnight lottery officials said three tickets matched those winning digits. two of them at grocery stores at opposite ends of new jersey. a third, somewhere in minnesota. employees here at the stop 'n shop i
>>> good morning, america. and breaking now, floods and fires across the u.s. massive downpours overnight, causing dangerous flooding in 16 states. this walmart under water. dozens rescued, including this baby. meanwhile, hundreds of homes are now threatened in the west. >>> breaking overnight. 16 county garage workers in new jersey, set to come forward as the newest powerball millionaires right now. but get this. they are back at work this morning, with their golden ticket. >>> and actress leah remini, taking her battle to a whole, new level. in a showdown with the church of scientology. filing a missing persons report for the church leader's wife. police say, it's unfounded. the church fights back this morning. >>> and going viral. this woman, about to get an unbelievable surprise, when her family sends her on a scavenger hunt in her very own kitchen. what is it in her oven that makes her scream for joy? >> wonder what could be in that >>> very good friday morning for viewers in the west. it's going to be a huge party in the park. up just north of central park, the rain not ke
interview, hill's brother told us, he was a ticking time bomb. >> i had a feeling he was going to eventually one day do something stupid. but not this magnitude. >> reporter: he told us his brother's pharmacy -- his brother's medicine cabinet looks like a pharmacy. he got into trouble young. first, stealing from school. and then, breaking into churches. george? >> thanks, steve. >>> we are joined, now, by that hero bookkeeper, antoinette tuff. along with eric hines and clay haas with the police department. thanks for your great work and presence of mind in that situation. antoinette, let me begin with you. what went through your mind when you saw the young man walk in with a gun in your office? >> the safety of the students. and making sure nobody gets harmed. >> what did you say to him? >> at first, i thought it was a false alarm. and he allowed me to know it was not a false alarm. >> at that moment, you knew you were in danger. you knew the students were in danger. what did you do? >> he actually asked one of the teachers that was with me to go and let everyone know that this was not a fal
countries where u.s. embassies completely shut down as a result of a new and credible terror threat from al qaeda. a full report coming up. >>> homeland security also taking steps here in the u.s., as well, this morning. >>> also this morning, we've all seen the famous pictures of the running of the bulls, the am spectacle in pamplona, spain. now, this pageant is coming to the united states and surprisingly not everybody is celebrating. we'll tell you about that. >> yes. >> but we begin with the terrifying scene in venice beach, california. the warm summer evening shattered by a driver who plowed right into the crowd. witnesses say it appears the driver did it all deliberately aiming to plow into as many people as possible. abc's brandi hitt is along that iconic boardwalk with the latest. brandi? >> reporter: good morning, bianna. this boardwalk is still an active deadly crime scene. you can see the debris remains in the road behind me as officers now interview a man they call a person of interest in this case. witnesses describe the driver swerving in and out of this crowd trying to hit as
in fourth place probably still feels pretty good. they also told us that last year they sold a winning $1 million ticket and no one came forward to claim it. somehow, i doubt, josh, that's going to happen this time. >> we'll be on that, if it happens. >> that one guy, i got $5. they're happy. >>> now, though, to the out-of-control wildfire in southern cal, surging in just a few hours to more than 6,000 acres. hundreds have been evacuated. many homes burned. abc's cecilia vega is in southern cal, right now. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. and look at this, the flames stretch up to the top of that ridge. the difficulty here right now, the erratic nature of these flames. firefighters have struggled to get them under control. the massive fire burned out of control all night long. stretching eight-square miles. >> it was so bad, i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: a raging inferno 85 miles east of los angeles, where home after home went up in flames. >> when i left, i was backing out of my house. and there were flames all around my car. >> reporter: this
little brother. george? >> thank you, ryan. join us now, the hero horseback riders. thank you all for getting up so early for us. mark and crystal, take us to that moment. when you realized this might be hannah anderson. >> we never realized it might be them until the next day. when we got home and seen the amber flash on the television. >> what were those red flags that caught your eye? >> they just didn't fit in that kind of country. they said they were backcountry people in california. they sure didn't fit out there if the idaho mountains. they wasn't dressed correctly. they just didn't fit. looked like a square peg going in a round hole. >> what were they doing when you came upon them? >> they stepped off the side of the trail so they wouldn't spook the horses so we could go by. they were extremely quiet. didn't want to engage in conversation. kind of had a -- a bad look on their face. >> a bad look. mike? you had this gut feeling that something wasn't right? >> i seen a lot of fear in her eyes. i didn't like what i seen in his eyes. that put up a major red flag for me. >> cry
. lawlessness ruling the streets. the muslim brotherhood now digging in. >> the u.s. embassy in cairo tweeted this morning they will be closed tomorrow as the violence escalates. >>> also ahead, it's the hottest hit of the summer, you know what i'm talking about, "blurred lines," but did robin thicke rip off marvin gaye when he wrote the lyrics? a court battle is brewing, we'll let you decide. >> we'll talk about the legal implications. >>> and baseball will be going to the video tape a whole lot more next season. it's expanded in a big way. it's historic, the commissioner says, but some fans to want knock it right out of the park. we'll tell you why. >>>ed erupting chaos in egypt after a day of rage in protest of the ousted leader mohamed morsi. there are no signs to the end of violence as tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets. many muslim brotherhood supporters say they are willing to die for their cause. muhammed lila has been in the middle of it all and is in cairo this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. you just mentioned that the u.s. embassy here in
of a brand-new al qaeda plot. reports of a big strike and a chilling plan to use surgically implanted bombs. where the urgent concerns are greatest right now. >>> also breaking this morning, alex rodriguez stares down that historic 200-game-plus suspension from baseball but still heading to the ballpark today as he gets set to appeal, setting up what could be a bizarre scene tonight in chicago. >>> nightmare hit-and-run at one of america's most popular tourist spots. caught on tape, the driver plowing into the crowd. new details about the man under arrest. >>> and sharktacular. look at that feeding frenzy. sam plunging in for a scary face-off with some of the most dangerous predators in the sea. well -- "gma's" super shark week kicks off this morning. >> it is absolutely spectacular. >>> hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. i think sam is taking issue with your "well -- " >> we're glad you made it back from the bahamas in one piece, sam. glad to have you. we have a lot to get to. we'll get right to the terror threat that has americans around the globe on high alert today. those 19 embassie
is just shocked by his behavior. >> reporter: now police tell us that hannah was not physically injured, but she was taken to a hospital to get checked out. her father is coming from san diego to idaho. he expects to be reunited with his daughter today. dan, bianna? >> that will be a terrific reunion, no doubt. thank you, clayton. >>> a lot of news overnight, we turn to mr. ron claiborne for a look at the headlines. good morning, sir. >> as always. good morning to you, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. >>> in the news, benjamin netanyahu is recovering this morning in the hospital after surgery to repair a hernia. israel's defense minister was appointed the prime minister when netanyahu was unconscious for one hour on saturday. he is expected to be released later today. >>> more than a dozen u.s. embassies closed over terror concerns are set to reopen today in northern africa and the middle east. they were closed last week amid concerns of a possible al qaeda attack. the u.s. embassy in yemen will remain closed. >>> and deadly violence in iraq, 69 people killed in a series of car b
-old girl fighting off a kidnapper using her teeth. what she is saying this morning about this terrifying encounter. >>> and back 'n sync. it's officially on. justin timberlake reunited with the members of his hot boy band. millions of women remembering their teenage days. they hit the stage soon. are you ready to party like it's 1999? s ♪ i know i want take no more it ain't no lie ♪ >>> i have so many questions. like, is that a perm? or is it natural? >> it's naturally curly. >> it flows beautifully. very moving. >>> good morning, america. before we get to the breaking 'n sync news, other news this morning. a new jailhouse interview with two people at the center of an alleged plot to kill police officers. are they attached to a larger anti-government group the government calls terrorists. >>> and on a much, much, much, much, much lighter note -- >> not as light as justin timberlake. >> but close. he's just as cute. that panda palooza, we're talking about. party time at washington's national zoo. a cuddly cub has been born. we have pictures and a big comeback story. >>> a national tre
back to lara. >> they could use a break. >>> now, we turn to the out-of-control wildfire burning outside of yosemite national park. california's governor declaring a state of emergency. and this morning, big questions about whether the fire could threaten water and power supplies for san francisco. abc's neal karlinsky is in groveland, california. >> reporter: the news out here just keeps getting worse. but one estimate, this fire has grown to 80,000 acres. that's five-times the size it was just 48 hours ago. a fire now as big as all of sacramento. the rim fire is now so big -- the bulk of the efforts to stamp it out is being made by a massive aerial assault. even as firefighters in the path of the flames are sweating the smallest details. >> you heard about the tankers. >> reporter: going yard-to-yard, and fighting this fire, one house at a time. >> what do you think? >> that's pretty dispensable, yeah. >> reporter: no matter what officials say. residents can see this fire for themselves. and they're nervous. >> very freaky. you just see it this close. the first time i've had it
countries. u.s. officials taking this very seriously, ordering those offices closed on sunday. and abc global affairs correspondent martha raddatz joins us now with more from washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this morning, the u.s. intelligence community is doing everything possible to try and find out exactly what the target is, but the state department is not taking any chances. shutting down embassies across the muslim world. the concern is so great, the threat so specific, that some of america's biggest and most important embassies in the world are closing their doors. from egypt, to iraq, kuwait, bahrain, and afghanistan. every embassy and consulate in muslim countries will be closed on sunday. a senior u.s. official telling abc news, there is a specific threat, a concerted effort against a u.s. embassy or consulate. we just don't know what the specific target is. another u.s. official adding, there could be other targets, not just embassies. we just aren't sure. not since the first anniversary of 9/11 has there been a mass closing of embassies, du
at this hour. president obama's tough words on the syria crisis right now. calling the potential use of chemical weapons there, a grave concern. >> no doubt that when you start seeing chemical weapons used on a large scale, and again, we're still gathering information about this particular event. but it is very troublesome. >>> and a surprise this morning. ♪ batman >> the new batman revealed. oscar-winner, ben affleck, will be bruce wayne. the choice makes headlines worldwide, as he gets set to go up against superman. >>> and a major announcement this morning about these two adorable cubs. "gma's" exclusive access to the nursery of the only panda twins in america, as they wave good morning, america. >>> they were waving on the inside, lara. i'm sure. hello, america. good morning to you. >>> and what a morning ahead for you here on "gma." a crowd numbering in the thousands and thousands. all lined up and welcoming the wanted. so many sleeping all night long there at central park, as they get ready for one of the biggest boy bands on the planet. >> oh, my goodness. i always say this,
>>> good morning, america. developing now, the crisis with syria grows overnight. the u.s. identifying targets to retaliate against their chemical weapons attacks. u.n. inspectors blocked from doing their work right now. the pentagon waiting for the green light to launch as the stock market reacts harshly here at home. >>> late summer heat wave. schools closing down across the midwest with temperatures skyrocketing to near 100 degrees. commuter trains slowing on hot tracks, all as the smoke from the giant yosemite fire is choking the west. >>> what is wrong with nba star lamar odom? vanished now for nearly a week, amid concerns the reality star has been leading a double life off the court. new ideas where he might be this morning. ♪ >>> acting out. the fallout from miley cyrus' raunchy performance at the vmas reaches a fever pitch overnight as parent groups slam her act and mtv. what the music star is saying right now. ♪ take a good girl >>> and good morning, america. as we come on the air, the crisis with syria really heating up. just moments ago, the government there
of violence after heavily-armed police had a sit in on wednesday, and used tear gas and live rounds of ammunition against thousands of protesters, including some women and children. the muslim brotherhood who organized the sit-in to protest the overthrow of their elected president, mohamed morsi, called for a day of rage on friday. and rage is exactly what they brought. thousands of protesters flooding into the city, setting off gun battles in several neighborhoods, battles that are only expected to continue. the official death toll over the last four days is more than 700. but we spoke with sources at the ministry of health, and they are intentionally underreporting the number of people who were killed, because if they ever released the true numbers, it would be a catastrophe. bianna and dan. >> the u.s. and the rest of the world is paying close attention to what is happening in cairo this morning. thank you. >>> we are happy to welcome rob powers. he has been here, he is here for ron claiborne with the other developing stories. >> good morning. good morning, america. >>> we are fo
are looking with that tornado warning across the area as well. so, our next stop takes us up to the north and we are looking around to rising sun and sun view and around green field acres rather. and also around kilby corners. if you are familiar with the areas we are dealing with heavy rain coming down across the area there. if you are just tuning in, this is what we have in store for you this morning. we have an update and i like it when we update because we have a change in the weather. we are looking at an expiration of cecil county. the tornado warning has been allowed to expire. something is coming off the printer and it has been able to expire so this is good news foresees i will county -- for cecil county. we have still lots of color on the map so we have the greens and darker greens don't know if you can see but beer we are dealing with a flash flood warning for cecil and hairford and -- harford and we are seeing that up to the north in pennsylvania as well. everywhere else is is light colored green so everywhere else a flash flood watch until 3:00 this afternoon. traveling out o
's response. while members of congress continue to debate whether to cut off u.s. aid to egypt, the military regime is escalating the crackdown by arresting a leader of the opposition. abc's martha raddatz is on the ground in cairo with all the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. egyptian security forces overnight arrested the spiritual head of the muslim brotherhood, took him away. they have detained him. all the egyptian security forces wearing bulletproof vests. this is all of the muslim brotherhood leadership that's been arrested. this adds to the tension here, although, they have put in a replacement as the spiritual head right now. we are actually over tahrir square. it seems fairly calm here this morning. there's a few tents set up. fairly peaceful. we just don't know what's coming next. >> and talk about turnabouts. some reports that the former president, mubarak, who has been under arrest for much of the last year, might actually be released? >> reporter: there are a lot of headlines here this morning that he could be released. but there's so many legal
'll be keeping an eye on it for us. cecilia vega, in banning, california. >>> we're going to turn and switch gears to the newest powerball winners. 16 county workers in new jersey, showing up to work today. there is the garage, where they all punch the clocks. for how long? one does not know. even as we learn more, as well, about one of the minnesota winners, abc's linsey davis has it all. >> reporter: they're calling them ocean 16. the workers all from this vehicle maintenance garage in ocean city, new jersey, reportedly bought their winning ticket at this acme grocery store nearby. lottery officials haven't confirmed them this morning. but the group's boss says they told him the news after they showed up to work. a real-life version of abc's new show, "lucky 7," when a group of gas station workers win it big. >> how do you feel winning all that money? >> reporter: one person we do know won big is paul white. a 45-year-old electrical engineer from minnesota, who came forward thursday, as one of three winning ticketholders, in wednesday night's $448 million drawing. white, who played the lot
since the bombing of the u.s. embassy there in kenya. but authorities insist there's no indication that today's fire was a terrorist act. the fire raged for hours because local authorities, as recently at last month, had no working fire engines. >>> nearly one year after the assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, the first criminal charges have been filed. a libyan militia leader who remains in hiding is among those accused of carrying out the attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> a town in missouri evacuated as flash floods inundate house there is. one creek rose two feet in one hour. more rain is in the forecast. flooding is blamed for at least two deaths. sam has more in a moment. >>. >> uncle sam going after bank of america. a new government lawsuit claiming the bank recklessly misled investors about risky mortgages that led to the financial crisis. the suit quotes one bank employee who said she was ordered to approve loans quickly, with little regard for applicants' flaws. >>> a dramatic crash caught on camera in dallas. a big rig c
angeles and san francisco in 30 minutes and cost $20 each way. the mega, megahigh-speed transit line uses capsules in virtually air-free tubes. pulled by magnets, of course. musk claims it could be built in less than a decade. get on that, elon. >>> and finally, a real estate project gone awry. a rich guy in china thought he could build an 8,600 square-foot dream villa on top of the apartment building. >> oh, my. >> you see it there. this is in beijing. he spent years building it. brought in boulders to make it look like a mountain retreat. the problem, it violates virtually every city ordinance possible. they're now ordering him to tear it down. doesn't help that the building is, in factors collap, collapsi the weight of the mountain built on it. the only complaints the building really gets is because the parties are too loud. there you go. >> what were they doing while he was building it? >> followup, followup, followup. >> don't mind me. just a boulder heading through the door. >> another boulder? that's tough. >> nothing to see here, folks. >> i don't know. but about that train. can w
as they give us the mandatory evacuation. i'm scared but not overly concerned at this point. >> reporter: the fire remains huge. now, a stunning 125,000 acres. mostly a very rural area. but there is one piece of good news. the fire is reported to be 5% contained. that's up from just 1% a day earlier. bianna? >> at least some hopeful news there. neal, our thanks to you. >>> we're going to stay in california, where there's major developments involving the scandal-ridden mayor of san diego. bob filner has been facing allegations of sexual harassment and heavy pressure to resign for weeks. now, word he's finally ready to step down after cutting a settlement deal. but it's not over yet as he finds himself the target of a criminal investigation by the state attorney general. abc's ryan owens has the details. >> i offer deep apology, certainly to all of the citizens of san diego. >> reporter: minutes after throwing in the towel, soon-to-be former mayor bob filner, spoke directly to those 18 women who have accused him of sexual harassment. >> i had no intention to be offensive. >> reporter: but
is in cairo, live for us this morning. >>> we want to get to details of a serious medical scare for the family of vice president joe biden. his son, beau, in a texas hospital for testing. and jim avila has the latest. >> reporter: a rare press release from the vice president's office overnight, about the health of the vice president's son, beau biden. his symptoms can be considered serious because of family medical history. he's had a stroke 3 1/2 years ago and his father had an aneurysm at age 45. this morning, the vice president's office says the younger biden is undergoing tests at an undisclosed hospital in houston. his famous father by his side. >> he's the father i've always known, the grandfather my children love and adore. >> reporter: the 44-year-old is more than just the vice president's son. the attorney general of his home state of delaware. and an iraq war veteran. he's seen as a rising star in the democratic party. mentioned as a future governor or to one day fill his father's old senate seat. >> first things first, make sure i focus on my family and focus on my job. >> reporter:
speaks out overnight saying any intervention by the u.s. will end in failure. u.n. inspectors looking for chemical weapons there fired on this morning. >>> donald trump at war, fighting back against a $40 million lawsuit alleging his trump university was a sham real estate course making false promises. >> at trump university we teach success. that's what it's all about. >> the donald joins us live with his response. ♪ bye bye bye >>> and music history made. 'n sync back together for a blockbuster reunion they said would never happen. now, they all speak out about being together. >>> gaga goes wild. >>> katy perry roars. the morning after the vmas it's time for the gmas. >> good morning, america, it's katy perry. >>> and good morning, america. what a show we've got ahead of us. you see it right there, the gmas, the morning after the vmas. look at the crowd we have. have deejay kiss on top of the hard rock cafe. all charged up about that. >> i think they started last night and haven't stopped. still going out there on times square. katy perry did close out the vmas, on the stage under
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